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the sar americanism elementary school poster contest

Our Mecklenburg chapter’s 2017 Americanism Poster contest winner is Rachel C. from Polo Ridge Elementary School. In the photo below, chapter member and poster chairman Jim Wood poses with Rachel and her teacher, Jason Sword, when presenting her award. Rachel’s winning poster design is posted below her photo as well. Her winning theme in 2017 was “Profile of Patriot Hannah Blair.” Hannah Blaire carried secret messages to the Whigs so they would be prepared for what the Tories had planned.

The 2015 and 2016 winning posters for both the NCSSAR. The winning poster was illustrated by 5th grade student Honoka Shimamon of Polo Ridge Elementary School in Charlotte. The 2015 design theme was the Battle of Lexington and Concord. Our Mecklenburg chapter awards a $250 prize is split for $100 to the student and $150 to the sponsoring teacher or school!

contest information

The National Society SAR Americanism Committee is pleased to announce the National Americanism Poster Contest. The aim of this contest is to stimulate interest in American History in support of the established school curriculum.

This contest is directed at students in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grades, depending on which year the American Revolution is taught in their educational system – including ecumenical and home schooled students.

The contest is also open to members of the Cub Scouts and Brownies and CAR (Children of the American Revolution) who are in the same grades but whose school system may not be participating in the contest. In the case where the local school system, or its equivalent, is participating, the young person must enter the contest through the school and not as a separate entry.

The topic for the Poster Contest is set by the NSSAR Americanism Committee annually at the Spring Leadership Meeting for the upcoming school year. The topic is announced at the Annual NSSAR Congress after the winning poster for the current year is recognized.

The Topic for the 2021 contest is:

“Revolutionary War Person or Persons”

The contest entries from the preceding academic year are judged at the NSSAR Annual Congress by members of the NSSAR Americanism Committee. A representative of the National Art Education Association (NAEA) is invited to participate in the poster judging.

Posters will be judged by the following criteria:

1. Does the poster express the annual theme? 
2. Does the poster show originality by the student? 
3. Does the poster show evidence of research? 
4. Does the poster show artistic merit and creativity? 
5. Does the poster accurately reflect the historical event? 
6. Is the poster neat and visually pleasing?

Deadline for filing the Entry Form is June 1, 2021!

Download the 2021 SAR Americanism Poster Entry Form

How the Contest works:

  • Each local school winner will compete at the Mecklenburg Chapter level. Our 1st place prize is $250, divided between the student ($100) and the sponsoring teacher or school ($150).
  • Each Chapter winner will compete at the NC State level. 1st place prize is $250 for the student and $100 for the sponsoring teacher, 2nd place prize is $150 for the student and $100 for the sponsoring teacher, and 3rd place prize is $75 for the student and $75 for the sponsoring teacher.
  • Once the NC State Society has selected a winner, that poster will compete at the National level. Only one (1) entry from each State Society is accepted to compete at the National level.
  • The State Winners will be on display during National Contest and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Winners will be announced during the 130th SAR National Congress in July 2021 in Seattle, WA. The top National winners will receive a Rosette Ribbon with 1st place cash prize of $150, 1st Runner-up prize is $100, and 2nd Runner-up prize is $50, each for the student.

Poster Content Rules & Regulations

  • The entry from (download Entry form & Rules here) must be filed with the Americanism Committee Chairman, with a copy to the NSSAR Executive Director, no later than June 1st prior to the Congress where the judging will occur.
  • The poster must be submitted to the Headquarters Office at the Annual Congress no later than 10:00 am of the Sunday of Congress. This is the day prior to the Youth Awards Luncheon.
  • All posters must have a copy of the entry from affixed to the back of the poster. You may redact the SSN on the copy of the entry form affixed to the poster. This will allow a representative from the State Society to retrieve the poster after judging.
  • The posters will be displayed and the Americanism Committee members will judge the posters before the National Memorial Service.
  • The 1st Place Winner’s poster will be displayed at the NSSAR headquarters for one year following the contest. At the conclusion of that year, the poster will be returned to the State Society that entered it. All other posters will be made available for return to the State Society that entered it by the conclusion of the Congress.

Judging Dates for Mecklenburg Chapter (Charlotte):

  • School level (last two weeks of April 2021)
  • Mecklenburg Chapter level (first week in May 2021)
  • North Carolina Society level (May 16, 2021)

Mecklenburg Chapter Americanism Poster Contact:

Mr. Jim Wood
[email protected]

For more information, including the rules and entry form, please click here to visit the SAR National website.